Update: Natsume Yuujin Chou EP9, 10

As expected, Natsume Yuujin Chou EP9 and 10 (airing every Monday) continue with the series’ usual relaxed pace. In EP9 Natsume went through a less-than-friendly though uneventful encounter with a stone spirit whose intention and background are entirely unexplained. Actually, the main point of the episode is most definitely the school Bunkasai (cultural festival) during which you get to see Natsume wearing a pink apron. This is not a joke, btw.

Apparently Natsume is not only popular with youkais, but guuuurrrrrrlz as well

The “make friend” plot is strong in this episode, that Natsume is practically an ultra-popular person with tons of loyal friends. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder why he still speaks of loneliness at times. Maybe subconsciously, Natsume actually want to share his youkai-seeing experience with everybody? : p

It's nice to have friends like Taki and Tanuma, with whom the super-natural happenings could be shared

The 10th episode tells the first half of a story about… well it’s hard to tell at this moment but it definitely involves a broken bronze mirror and a hammer wielding youkai busy destroying public properties (mirrors) in Natsume’s school. Tanuma and Taki are all in for this crisis that Natsume doesn’t have to face it alone. For some reason, character illustration in this episode feels low-quality at times. Maybe this is the result of watching too much Hanasaku Iroha recently?

The environment starts to take on a layer of Autumn gold in EP10, which is awesome since I love Autumn! (don't ask me why since it takes too much personal history to explain : )

I like the increased appearance of Nyanko sensei a lot, some how in these two episodes he looks more and more like a plush toy.  There is actually a 6-second long scene of Taki teasing Nyanko sensei (yes, I DID count). I assume this is a proper response to audience request… I would totally buy a plush toy of Nyanko sensei if given the chance, no bloody online shopping that is.

"Want you" Taki just loves Nyanko sensei. So do we all


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