One week to go…..

… till life returns to normal.

Being “abnormal” doesn’t mean an “anime deficit”, since dinner time is always the best excuse for an episode or two… Recent watching include a promising new release (“shinban”) Tamayura (玉響 or “the sound of jade”), classics Zipang and The Story of Saiunkoku.

Another thing worth mentioning is an exploit from a visit to local Japanese book store: a hundred-page color illustration book featuring Fujishima Kousuke interviewing 6 anime/manga creator on character design (among them Maeda Jun on Angel Beats!). It costs about a week’s grocery, but worth it anyways : P

The ancient China style character design of Saiunkoku is really inspiring, respect


Just finished Hanasaku Iroha

Hanasaku Iroha (花咲くいろは, or quite literally How the Flowers Bloom)is one of the best anime series I’ve seen so far this year. Despite the plot runs a little here and there from time to time, it is still a great anime title nonetheless.

Definitely needs a review.

Somehow I feel anyone with trouble finding inspiration for their jobs should watch the anime, Hanasaku just might lend some power and make things better. It is the kind of work from which everyone could learn something.

Personally, one thing I learn from Ohana-chan is to say: I am also bonboru-ing! (僕もぼんぼりまーす!)

The two op songs of Hanasaku Iroha (both by nano.RIPE) have become my “morning transit song” (aka before work song) since about a month ago. : D

Below is an awesome magazine publication page for Hanasaku Iroha, ultra high-res.

You are already dead… island

Talking about Dead Island, the following video is probably the best among the game’s very few attractive public presentations after its unique trailer (often spoken of as “better than the game”). Be warned you may suffer from certain suffocation or pain in the stomach while watching, enjoy.

In comparison, negative publicities are flying all over the internet, including major no clipping glitches, dancing zombies, faulty character models and the HARDEST BOSS FIGHT EVER. And of course a ton of criticism to the game itself.


Tempted to fist all zombies into sky, I would still play the game under normal condition through first, just showing some respect to other people’s labour you know?


I am planning to churn out a K-on!/!! review over the weekend, so お楽しみに. I would like to point out though that a certain critical task I am currently engaged in (other than playing Dead Island on normal and watching animes, that is) is very time consuming, so I may not update the blog as often in the following month or so. I still try to keep up to a three day schedule though, or in other words by-weekly.

Gosick ending

After being diverted for a couple of weeks, I finally realized that Gosick has finished airing on its final episode (24). Congrats to BONES Inc. and their hard work. I might review Gosick — not as anime on air but as a finished title though.

At this moment all I can do is to hope that there are no irresponsible deaths befalling main characters in the final couple of episodes. Should I lol at the previous sentence since WW2 is gonna happen?

Summer of anime

Hi! Welcome to Vancouver Anime Fan blog! I guess this welcome message is both for you (aka the visitor) and me (aka the blogger), since we are all new here more or less, hehe.

Vancouver’s summer is sunny, bright, not too hot (most of the time) and full of green. Just the right time for anime! People might disagree with me and say that the vibrant warmth should be enjoyed under the sun, instead of imprisoned in your messy nest staring at TV/computer screen while a back sore is slowly developing… (turning) All right thx a plenty for sharing your opinion, time for some anime. (walks away)

Despite the abundance of outdoor activities, summer is no less than a battle season for animes. The number of anime titles on air is at a peak in comparison to other seasons of the year. Please refer to the following website (in Japanese) for a list of airing anime titles:

The animes I am personally following are Natsume Yuujinchou season 3 (夏目友人帳 参), Idol Master (アイドルマスタ), Gosick and Hanasaku Iroha (花咲くいろは). I will post episode reviews and synopsis on this blog regularly.After all, the existence of Vancouver Anime Fan is to share my anime watching experience with other fans out there (in other words, you).

What I plan for this blog is waaaaaay more than the above. I shall  review older anime titles (which in all likeliness are those i just found the time/opportunity to watch),  dig a little history about anime, talk about the industry, and write about the hottest anime spots in Vancouver! Please be warned that the list is not exhaustive…

Anyways, I hope whoever reads the blog shall find it informative, interesting and helpful. I believe that small and “non-mainstream” (should I say geek-ish?) as it is, the anime community in North America is no less dedicated and enthusiastic than in any other parts of the world. The keywords are share and communicate… share… communicate… I am blogging, you see? : )

So that’s it for my very first blog here. From Vancouver Anime Fan: enjoy your summer, and enjoy your anime!

(…plz enjoy your summer like Natsume and Nyanko-sensei!)