Is this even real????

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How much will an e-cat cost

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E-cat world, official site

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Hello Cheap Energy, Hello Brave New World (Forbes Coverage)


This E-cat thing is simply unbelievable! It is so unbelievable that I still suspect it to be a hoax of some kind… The equipments in the videos look almost too simple to be high-tech… not to mention something like Cold Fusion.

If this is true though, it will no doubt change the world, entirely. The economic and political impacts would be huge, just consider the chaos (and reshuffle) that will happen in the energy sector.

All the input needed is a little nickel and hydrogen, and of course the energy conversion mechanism. What you get is ALMOST a perpetual machine. Shocking.

Nickel is a widely available metal and the process doesn’t even require a lot of it. According to the nickelpower website the machine will bring the cost of electricity down to $0.0012/kwh. Also the process doesn’t produce any waste: totally efficient and clean.

Also the articles suggest that since E-cat produces steam, there might be a revival of Sterling Engine on automobiles, ships and even planes. That sure stirs imagination : ) (see picture below)

Andrea Rossi’s CF system is to be tested on Oct. 28th, let’s see what’s going to happen.

does it mean that things like Hal's Moving Castle will be feasible from an energy perspective? (the world's gonna change and I only care about the world of fantasy steam machines...xD)



One of the better “top 50 anime ops” compilations…

…according to my opinion. About 20 songs out of the 50 compiled have been mainstay on my pod, at least for a while… Blundering into this video in the middle of studying (in other words, procrastinating) totally reinvigorates my spirit. It is hard to be a good student, especially when the closest carefree campus life is more than 2 years behind you…

I have been working on the second post for Anime Basics, focusing on seiyuu or voice actors. It’s been a little challenging finding and organizing materials to make it a reasonably good article though. So I decide to carefully, attentively, cautiously, respectfully write the article, with a heart full of love.

: P