Destin Histoire: Gosick Review

On air in the first six months of 2011, Gosick finally wrapped up in early July with the grand finale of its 24th episode. After just a few episodes in the start, you would quickly realize that it is one of those “mainstream”, “family” animes with a story enjoyable by almost anybody. Frankly speaking, there is nothing too innovative about Gosick: conservative character design, predictable story development and all the detective mystery cliches you’ve seen in Detective Conan for a dozen of times (which is understandable considering the ginormous length of latter). However, even fully realizing the problems mentioned above, I still kept on watching Gosick till the end, and sincerely feel it is destined to be marked as a classic among the titles of 2011 (probably winning several awards, that is to say).

You have no choice but to get this rosy (albeit blue) feeling about Gosick from the very start

Although not rendered in the “ultra-detailed” animation style, which is observed in numerous animes in recent years, the world of Gosick nevertheless has the charm of its own. Continue reading


Gosick ending

After being diverted for a couple of weeks, I finally realized that Gosick has finished airing on its final episode (24). Congrats to BONES Inc. and their hard work. I might review Gosick — not as anime on air but as a finished title though.

At this moment all I can do is to hope that there are no irresponsible deaths befalling main characters in the final couple of episodes. Should I lol at the previous sentence since WW2 is gonna happen?